Explore the brighter scope for CLOUD SERVICE brokering in 2015

With increasing inclination of businesses towards cloud usage, the cloud service brokering has also emerged out as an easy option to manage cloud structure including delivering the information for efficient use of cloud services as per particular needs of an organization or individual.

cloud service

  • DIY approach isn’t enough now

With enormous growth in cloud adoption, organizations are now eyeing to exploit the hidden potential of ‘Big Data’ and for that they need brokers as intermediates between the cloud service provider and the subscriber. The cloud concept is growing complex with every passing day, and the DIY approach is not enough to handle it. Now, organizations prefer in-house broker service instead of outsourcing them.

  • Increasing provider engagement

A couple of years ago, brokering sounded like a threat to service provider’s commercial opportunities, but now, providers are learning how to thrive in a brokered environment and the trend is accelerating in 2015. The standard of industry is now set at ‘open’ for brokers.  Their presence will increase the availability of connectors and facilitate integration of multiple cloud providers for an organization.

  • Availability of broker tools

As compared to initial stages, now there are many software applications that are branded as ‘broken tools’. Earlier software solutions were lame, but in 2015, we are witnessing a shakeout in the broker software space with real, end-toend broker toolkits. It’s a catalytic assistance in connecting buyers to sellers.

  • Open source as solution

Keeping in mind the overwhelming volume of updates, from brokering tool standpoint, the industry need to address it appropriately to keep up with the latest trends in the cloud computing and incorporation of advanced feature by service providers. We understand that cloud computing service providers like Amazon Web Services are dynamic by nature and the provider is rolling out new service features at a high pace. However, the real solution for the growing structure of the cloud is open source with its community around it appears to be the best solution to address the issue.

With open source approach, new services can be incorporated into existing cloud broker framework. The community can work on it and provider solution faster than a contained group of brokers can do.

Conclusion: It’s obvious that in the upcoming times, the cloud broker thrived atmosphere will become a need instead of an option. Therefore, cloud brokers have brighter chances of excelling than ever.