Evolution of Cloud Computing democratizing and simplifying IT access

With this complexity came and the ease of procuring, installing, using, maintaining, and managing software and computer applications, which in 90s were asked for an IT expert and these software came in a load of floppies. It went through the evolutionary phase of CDs and DVDs, which were easy to manage unlike floppies. Back then, you’d get software in a physical package for a hefty cost, but the advent of Internet changed everything. Not only it enabled users to download software of their choice, but also made installation and update much easier.

Cloud Computing

However, after Internet, the cloud computing has evolved and is trending in 2015 in IT industry.  U.S. and China are the leading nations investing more time and sources to shift to cloud.

The concept of cloud was in formation right from the beginning, but its affects were manifested very lightly through applications like Google Docs, Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox etc. Now, you don’t have to buy hardware for storing your data or to transfer it to a recipient sitting thousands of miles away.  The cloud is emerging as an ultimate liberation from buying; installing, managing and upgrading you own software or apps.

The SaaS model will free you from all worries. As smartphone industry, tablets, and similar gadgets with Internet access are getting common, the cloud is preparing to free you from bulk and burden of swapping software. It’s like invisible device that goes with you all the time and offers a constant facility of working with your customized, personal computer.

The cloud will democratize IT services as it’s becoming more affordable as regional cloud providers are jumping into the industry. The fears over data security are decreasing and corporate, businesses, and organizations are now less hesitant to shift to cloud platforms. IT experts predict the hybrid cloud model as the de facto standard and the concept of collaborative consumption will manipulate the trends of outright ownership.

The upcoming time will witness huge cloud-bursts, and IT world is bracing for the impact along with harnessing the bliss that accompanies cloud revolution.