Doors of 2G are Closing for Singapore Customers in 2017

If you’re a Singaporean and you own a 2G Connection, you might need to get it changed. Reason being, IDA has decided to ask the Singaporean Mobile operators to take the 2G services off the airwaves from April 1, 2017. Now, there will be no 2G networks available for use in Singapore.

2G Doors Closing for Singapore Customers in 2017

2G turning to 3G and 4G

2G refers to the second generation of mobile phone technologies, which is capable of supporting voice calls, text messaging and basic internet access. The 2G network was introduced to Singapore in 1994.

Currently, there are around 250,000 2G customers in Singapore. IDA has asked all the three major telecom companies of Singapore, namely – M1, Singtel, and StarHub, to cease off their 2G services by 2017. Moreover, the spectrum currently used by the 2G network will then be used to offer faster, and more advanced 3G and 4G services to serve the customers’ demand for faster speed and quick access to mobile data.

Reason for the retirement of 2G

IDA figures show that the number of 2G customers have steadily declined since 2011, from more than 2 million subscribers in June 2011 to about 250,000 today. This just represents 3% of the total subscriptions in Singapore.

Today, the majority of mobile customers are on 3G and 4G networks, only an extremely small percentage of customers remain on 2G-only mobile devices,” the telcos said. They further add that they’ll continue to reach out to affected users through various channels, including SMS, calls and posters at their retail outlets.

Dealers will no longer be able to register 2G mobile communication equipment from September 15, including mobile phones and point-of-sale terminals.

Future Planning after 2G

Shutdown 2G networks will free up more spectrum for faster services like 3G and 4G. IDA states that all the three telecom operators will be required to smoothly migrate their 2G customers. In addition to this, the operators in Singapore have accordingly agreed to allow their old 2G subscribers to continue with their existing plans at no extra cost after migrating to 3G. Also, IDA has asked the operators to provide low-cost 3G phones for any customers still using 2G-only handsets.

Those customers who are already using 3G and 4G will not be affected in any way.