Do you know Logitech now known as just “Logi”, because ‘tech is everywhere’

Logitech is dropping the tech. That leaves … Logi.


The computer accessories maker may face a little backlash, if history is any guide. Or the name change could turn out to be genius, if varying pronunciations don’t mess with the clean identity shift they’re looking for.

New products will be labeled Logi. You’re supposed to pronounce it like logic, with an ee instead of an ic. That is, like lodge, as in ski lodge, with a squealing child tacked on to the end.

When Logitech was asked about the removal of the “tech” in the brand name, Logitech product development executive Charlotte Johs explained that the technology gadgets will be present at everywhere and hence the “tech” is no longer required. But he stated that the Logitech brand name will not be removed from the market right now, as it will be slowly replaced with new product named as “Logi” in the future.

No matter what name Logitech decides to name itself, a good and quality product is always the true desire at every heart of the consumer

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