Do Not Choose an Email Server without First Reading These N Guidelines

A functional and feature-rich e-mail system is an absolute necessity today. If you are not in favor of the idea of paying several hundred dollars to Google for some custom email accounts each month, it’s a good idea to consider having your own email server.

Email Server Installation Singapore

A custom email or file and email server doesn’t cost a fortune but you may well end up choosing the wrong server. File and email server installation in Singapore is not rocket science and almost any average IT geek can do it easily. But, not every guy with a diploma or degree in the street can advise you correctly on how to choose the right server. File and email server installation, of course, would come second and needs to be undertaken with some caution as well.

Here’s a list of guidelines on choosing a robust email server:

  1. Would you be able to make use of different types of email communication facilities? You should be able to access the email system both on the web as well as through a desktop client, for example.
  2. Do you need professional assistance for file and email server installation? If that’s the case, as it is with most custom servers, you’d need the services of an IT support company or IT consultant in Singapore. The company offering these server rentals may or may not help you with configuration and/or maintenance.
  3. Is the email system protected against spam and unauthorized access? At times, how file and email server installation in Singapore is carried out, may also play an important role in how secure your servers are.
  4. Is it possible for you to create new email IDs easily or do you need professional assistance each time you need to create an account for a new recruit? With some basic training, your in-house staff should be able to do that. If not, you should have a dedicated IT support company with turn-around-time as small as 2 hours for such tasks.
  5. Small Business Server

  6. You should be able to access the email on any system regardless of the web browsers or operating systems you’re using. For example, if you cannot access Outlook from home, you should at least be able to access the email system through webmail.
  7. The email system should be accessible from a smartphone.
  8. In case you need email accounts with multiple domains, the serve should permit you to do so.
  9. Email server should have basic features such as calendar, file sharing, contact lists, instant messaging etc. An email system without these basic functionalities is useless.
  10. Look for powerful admin controls. You should be able to add/delete accounts and restrict access to certain emails/data without having to learn how to write code!

Lastly, email system should have auto backup feature. What if something goes wrong?

Once you’ve chosen a server, make sure you choose the right person or IT Support Company to handle file and email server installation in Singapore!