Data Privacy Questions Every Apple User Should Use

Most of the Apple users strongly believe the data privacy offered by the Apple and only 44% users prefer to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A research conducted by the F-secure unveiled that this blind faith can leave the users and their data to privacy breaches and malware attacks.

Apple Data Privacy

As Apple launched its new Iphone, F-Secure suggest the users of Apple to use VPN technology to regulate their data privacy.

Research paints a picture of Apple users as being more active on their mobile devices, but they may be unaware of the online risks they are taking,” says Jonathan Banks, Director of Operations A/NZ, F-Secure. “However, they’re also more open to adopting technologies that let them manage those risks. It is vital that Apple users are aware of both the risks to their online privacy and the solutions available”, he further adds.

Hence, it is believed that the Apple users should consider three important questions related to data privacy.

1. Is your device secure?

The research by F-Secure shows that 77 percent folks using Apple believe they are safer on internet than those who use other telecom company. However, many cases of successful attacks on Apple iOS and OS X operating systems have been reported like WireLurker and Masque Attack malware. “Apple users must understand their devices do not automatically protect them from online threats, and take steps to secure their data,” Banks adds. “A VPN is a really useful tool which creates encrypted Internet connections to protect data and notify the user when they access a website that might have malware or suspicious tracker activity.”

2. Do you make financial transactions on your Apple mobiles?

46 percent of Apple lovers reported they used mobile devices to make most of their financial transactions, in comparison to just 14 percent respondents who do not use Apple. “The perception that Apple users are automatically protected from online risks is perhaps why they’re more active when it comes to making financial transactions from their mobile devices,” explains Bank.  “Users have to manage the risks with adequate protection.”

3. Do you use public Wi-Fi?

Further, 56 percent of Apple respondents agreed they connect to public Wi-Fi more than once a week, as those 29 percent of non-Apple respondents. “Public Wi-Fi connections can have many risks,” Banks adds. “A VPN will protect your data from hackers sharing the same connection.

The research conducted by F-Secure clearly shows the carelessness of heedless Apple users about the security the brand provides. Hence, they should be more aware about their data security to avoid undesired circumstances, especially when it comes to making financial transaction over mobile.