Cloud Storage: Offsite Data Storage

While disaster is a common threat to enterprises, the cloud has emerged as a reliable, all-the-rage choice for data recovery for a while now. Especially, you can rely on the offsite data backup technique when preparing for a potentially adverse situation.

Cloud Storage

Here is how this part of Cloud Computing can help hold up your business:

Safe and Reliable

Remote backup, also known as ‘Cloud Backup,’ is a secure way to store data and files on servers that are located off site. You can automate remote backup to get your files updated on regular basis. Since remote backups function over the Internet, data recovery is quite a quick process.

Easy Set Up

Offsite-backup cloud computing solutions are handled by IT experts who make the setup process less complicated. They also help you pick data and files that should be backed-up.

Reduced Workload

Where traditional data backup methods require lots of people to manually copy or recover files, remote backups can be made functional in no time and even automated. That means you can schedule them for times when you won’t be in the office!

Improved Security

All reputed offsite data backup providers store your data and information in servers that are positioned in secure locations. You can be rest assured about the physical security of all your confidential files and documents.

Cost Savings

Traditional physical storage solutions are costlier than offsite backups, especially if you need to store and update large amounts of data in numerous computers. Remote backups support unlimited backup space and are normally billed on monthly bases. They are a great option for industries where risks are higher than normal and backups mandatory.