Cloud Computing in 3 Years from Now

While cloud computing has no doubt taken the shape of the next big technological wave after the personal computer and World Wide Web, transformation in the business world powered by technology is not going to happen overnight. Cloud based deployment is undoubtedly a cost effective business decision that any small or medium scale business in Singapore can make today. But, the possibility of ‘mass-migration,’ as some tech-pessimists would like to name it, is not going to happen.

If you could fast forward 3 years, here’re a couple of things you may observe, which would otherwise not be noticed by people who actually live through numerous changes, happening quietly and at a slow pace.

On-Off Cloud Solution Deployment Projects Likely

Personal computers and World Wide Web took their own time to traverse the distance from R&D departments to millions of homes and offices on the planet. Cloud solutions are also likely to follow this very adoption pattern over the next 3 years. It’s possible (and happening as you read this) that businesses in Singapore and many other parts of the world will continue with on/off cloud migration depending upon their personal understanding of the technology and its benefits.

The Need to Manage 100s of APIs and Services on Cloud

index - puzzle szinesOver the next years, the cloud solutions would be home to hundreds of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and numerous services. Managing all these seemingly independent constituents that need to work in unison and in a seamless manner, is going to be a much bigger challenge 3 years from now than it is today. Managing cloud solutions today is not as big a task simply because the capacity of cloud solutions is much higher than the number of businesses, agencies and numerous other entities moving to the cloud. ‘Manual’ management of these services and APIs will hardly be a possibility. Dedicated resources and services (whether provided by the same company or a third party service provider) will replace manual cloud governance and management.

Improved Cloud Security Features But it Will Still be a Concern

Cloud solutions provider tons of benefits and the cloud-advantage will just get bigger over the next 3 years. However, security is going to be a concern for many large scale businesses just as it is today. Computer scientists would have made various strides already but the need to have dedicated security modules, provided by the same service provider or a specialized company is likely to be felt. Cloud computing has been embraced by the business world with open arms since its birth because it centralizes everything and hells cut costs in more ways than anyone could have imagined few years ago. In 3 years from now, the need would be felt to have ‘centralized security mechanism.’

Tiered Data

Depending upon the cost and legal concerns, business data in 3 years from now is likely to take a tiered shape. While some data will be stored locally, the rest would be stored at a remote location.

Nothing is 100% predictable in the world of technology, powered by scientific discoveries and shaped by the market demand. These projections may or may not turn out to be completely true but cloud sure will transform the business world to a great degree.