Choosing the Best Cloud Solutions for Business

Are you ready for cloud adoption? Hundreds of businesses around the world are signing up for different types of cloud services every day and the number continues to increase with each passing day. Cloud services no doubt provide a range of benefits but it doesn’t mean you should go ahead and choose just about any service for storage, accounting, inventory management or some other business operation.

Cloud Solutions in Singapore


Here, for your perusal, we list out a handful of expert tips on how to choose a cloud solution for your business:

Understand Cloud Offerings

Today, cloud services are offered under the three different models to satisfy diverse industry needs.

  • The Public Cloud: Public cloud is a very low-cost option. It’s suitable for SMBs. In this case, you need to share your cloud infrastructure with other participants.
  • Hybrid Cloud: This service offers supplement support to your existing IT network installed at your premises. It helps in adding critical processing features to your centralized IT network.  Hybrid cloud service provides secure storage space on server for convenient implementation of backups. It is widely touted as ‘the best of both worlds of cloud’.
  • Private Cloud: The Private cloud not only provides low latency & high data availability but also offers secure remote access. A client can choose email or web content filtering option to effectively manage data. The data retrieved is processed at a faster rate without having to compromise on quality. A private cloud vendor offers great performance, enhanced security options and enormous flexibility as a service.

Know Your Business Scale

Before adopting any of the cloud hosting platforms, you must analyze your unique business needs. Accurately assess your hosting budget, organizational scale and data volume generated per day. If you score high on all these parameters, private cloud is probably a good option.

Recognize the Value of Having a Functional Website

Added security under virtual environment helps to gain agility which is vital for smooth business continuity. Hosting your e-commerce website on a cloud can have good and bad consequences both.

Learn About Associated Costs

Maintenance of IT infrastructure is no easy task; it’s expensive to say the least. Through centrally managed solutions, cloud adoption can result in huge savings in the long term. You must fully understand the nitty-gritty of subscription plan before actually incorporating these high performance business solutions.

Look for Long-Term Stability

Look for long-term professional support. For startup companies, public cloud may be an ideal option. In case of big companies, private cloud offers numerous opportunities such as enhanced stability in business operations, high revenue growth and flexible pricing structure for a set of branded services.

Flexible Data Delivery

A service provider must have the capability to deliver cloud applications in a flexible manner. You should be able to access cloud data services from any location or device.