Business IT Support – Maintenance Saves Money!

Small and medium scale business enterprises are often keen to understand how they can minimize the costs incurred due to business IT support bottlenecks.

The answer to this burning question is hidden in the problem itself.

Carefully planned and well executed IT maintenance – that’s what you need to successfully minimize the total cost.
IT maintenance

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Several first time entrepreneurs fail to understand the fact that in absence of IT maintenance routine, they will eventually end up with frequent IT outages, often leading to the following two (chief) expenses:

  1. The cost incurred on having the systems repaired
  2. The revenue lost due to downtime, data loss or other such issues

While it is pretty easy to estimate the cost of IT repairs (hiring professionals, replacing some components or upgrading software, for example), most business owners have a hard time comprehending the 2nd cost i.e. the revenue lost due to IT outages.

IT Repairs

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Let’s say 5 of your employees generate average daily revenue of $3,000 for the company.

What if two of the workstations give up on a working day just because you did not:

  1. Replace an old hard drive on time
  2. Upgrade the operating system
  3. Deal with potential system vulnerabilities
  4. Take steps to keep malicious programs wading through a weakly protected network at bay

While these sample tasks may seem trivial to an entrepreneur struggling to keep the business afloat, failure to follow up on them will (sooner or later) lead to IT outages and thus, result in revenue loss.

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If two of your employees are no longer productive due to system downtime for a day, you’re losing a total of $1,200. In a worst case scenario, you may lose customers’ trust because of failure to meet deadlines.

What if you had spent half as much on a monthly IT maintenance schedule?

With a good IT support company by your side, it is possible to have a well planned and all encompassing IT maintenance schedule in place. IT support professionals will advise you on when to replace an old kit, look after connectivity & network security and most importantly, help you take preemptive steps to keep potential business IT support problems at bay.

Keep in mind that updated warranties, timely IT system upgrades, security and proactive IT maintenance help save more money than you will ever spend on hiring a dedicated IT support company.

Even if represent a small company, it makes perfect sense to opt for a fixed price IT support package. Try avoiding companies that hesitate to quote you a fixed price. Old fashioned model of per-hour IT support services are of little use to a small or medium scale company.