Be prepared to protect and manage your sensitive data

When it’s about protecting the sensitive information on the cloud, make it a point to carefully follow all important expert instructions. If you’re already working with a dedicate IT support company that helps you use the cloud computing solution, you’re not so much in trouble but in case you’re all on your own, know that cloud solutions have a flip side too! Everything in the world has one.

Cloud Computing

Protect Your Work Area to Begin With

You need to secure your workstation and emails with undecipherable passwords comprising of special keys and characters. Even the most advanced cloud security features won’t help if your login credentials can be hacked easily from your own laptop or desktop!

Choose a Data Center that Takes Cloud Security Quite Seriously

This one’s a no brainier. Whether it’s a Singapore based cloud computing solution or an international one, find out the details of the exact company providing the data center. Carry out some online research to know if this particular company has good or bad track record in keeping client’s data safe on the cloud. .

Who Is the Service Provider?  

Is it a start up company that may experience a downfall in few years? Are you working with a cloud company that may stop providing the support in future or demand high fees? If it’s your sensitive data you need to protect, choose cloud computing solution providers that have a proven track record.

Defend With Your Privacy

While working online, we neglect the importance of minor cookies that can be used as tracking material for your online activities. But, this is only the tip of an iceberg. Whether you’re using cloud solutions in your office or not, it is necessary to take basic steps such as

  • Know how to deal with cookies
  • Have a company-wide data security policy
  • Updated all web browsers and anti-virus utilities at regular intervals.

Secure With Data Removal

The files that we usually toss in computers recycle bin are easily recoverable with a multitude of different utilities. Figure out a way to shred your data permanently. A cloud solution provider should have a way to do that.