BAaaS – Scope, Popularity and Efficacy

With businesses wanting to make the app delivery process more efficient and cost-effective, the concept of BAaaS has evolved fast. Here is why app delivery companies and customers are both loving this new model!


An Approach beyond Infrastructure and Software  

As business processes and needs continue to change, buying apps outright has become a risky deal. Here, switching to Business Applications as a Service (BAaaS) for sourcing business apps on demand is the only alternative!

A fully functional BAaaS model:

  • With on-demand key apps such as security tools, Business Intelligence, and business premises managements apps
  • Enables use of all BAaaS tools on all kinds of devices whenever needed
  • Extends the practice of end-users getting any needed apps through the Internet to business environments
  • Is a complete package for the customer, since it’s the BAaaS provider’s job to manage and update apps