Alarming security threats and cyber security trends in 2015

Sophos is the best what world has got against cyber-threats, and it’s known for cyber security better than anyone. The Sophos cyber-security experts have revealed some predictions regarding the future of security threats, their scopes and frequency in 2015.

The organization has listed it under some important titles as given below:

Data Security

Exploit mitigation

Exploits are used to deliver malicious code to the computer and web-based infections and browser have furthered it. That’s why “Microsoft has invested in exploit mitigation such as data execution prevention design to prevent the execution of attacker code in certain parts of the computer’s memory and address space layout randomization, which makes writing attack code difficult by shuffling memory around.” Windows 8 with other versions is updated for this purpose.

Internet of Things attacks

The manufacturers of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are struggling to implement basic security standards so far. Hacking of wireless routers with web attacks such as command injections, CCTV cameras with missing account lockout, wireless plugs, and number of other demonstrations have already hinted that someday hackers will find a business model to extract money hacking into IoT data.

Encryption becomes standard

The full-disk encryption has become a common default inclusion by OS vendors or in hard disks. Now, OS applications use encryption to protect data locally on the device and when it’s connected back to service on the Internet. Standalone network security providers will face a big trouble. They cannot intercept and scan encrypted traffic. So, there are still loopholes in implementation of standard encryptions.

Hackers exploring new platforms

The cybercriminals are not limited to popularly used platform like Microsoft Windows. They have explored other less known OS platforms, and that’s not good for cyber world.

Attackers eye on mobile payment systems

Mobile payment services like Apple Pay are attracting cyber-criminals more than ever. The upcoming time will see more efforts from attackers to target mobile payment systems.

Exploit kits for mobile platforms

As mobile applications for various platforms are flooding the consumer market, cyber-criminals are getting more exploit tools to find ways to hack into mobile platforms. So, expect a rise in mobile-based security attacks in 2015.

Rootkit and bot capabilities as the new attack vector

The process of changing old-time platforms and protocols has come with many flaws at lower level changes. For example, the IPv6 stack on Windows 7 and 8 is vulnerable to a resource exhaustion flaw. In other words, IPv6 re-implements some of the old trust flaws of IPv4. Also, rich boot environment provides attacker with rootkit and bot capabilities that may turn up new attack vectors or more powerful versions of attacks than we have seen so far.