About Time SMEs Jump on the Cloud Computing Wagon

Cloud-computingFor a long time, critics of cloud computing continued to term the widespread adoption of this technology as a trend backed by a herd mentality. Not anymore. The latest IT market forecast predicts that the niche industry created by cloud computing and its wide range of applications is growing at a whopping 30% annual rate. IT experts from across the world are now discussing cloud computing in positive light and an increasingly large number of software companies are allotting heavy Research & Development budgets to create new and efficient cloud based applications and services.

While you can have a typical business server to meet your basic needs such as automated backups and shared resources including hardware, calendar, communication tools etc., you can also go for solutions that are a notch higher. At APIXEL, for example, we provide both standard solutions for storage and cloud solutions. It goes without saying that cloud based servers are far better and involve significantly lower costs.

One of the main reasons why small business owners in Singapore have so far been apprehensive of choosing cloud solutions is that they think too highly of this technology. It has been a common perception that cloud solutions are meant for businesses that rely heavily on information technology systems. The fact of the matter, however, is that even a farmer, who performs simple data processing tasks (payroll and accounting, for example) on a day to day basis can benefit from cloud solutions.

With cloud computing, it is possible for small businesses (even those having little or not IT infrastructure at the moment) to avail the benefits of high end applications and software.

Here’re the key reasons small businesses in many countries (especially those where information technology revolution began two decades ago) are employing cloud solutions:

  1. Customer Relationship Management systems can now be deployed without having to spend on exorbitant licensing fees. Offered as a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), such solutions do not require you to purchase any hardware. Software can be used through a web browser and due to economies of scale proprietary companies are in a position to offer such services at unbelievably low prices.
  2. With SaaS, small businesses in Singapore can now get a secure business server with all essential features without having to spend thousands of dollars on purchasing hardware. There’s no need to hire a fulltime professional IT expert. When you get a cloud solution from APIXEL, for example, we take care of everything from configuration and monitoring to maintenance.
  3. SMEs no longer need to worry about purchase, management or monitoring of expensive hardware, storage devices, routers etc. as cloud solutions are also offered as Infrastructure –as-a-Service (IaaS). With IaaS, therefore, it’s possible to save thousands of dollars!

Cloud solutions are not for everyone but it’s worth trying to find out if they are. You can make a quick phone call at <+65) 6639 1839> if you run a small business in Singapore and speak to one of our cloud computing experts whether this new technology can benefit your business or not. A cloud solution can be your perfect small business server that doubles as remote IT infrastructure.