A new OnHub Wi-Fi Router by Google

Dealing with your Wi-Fi routers, especially at home is really horrible. Google well understands this problem and as such it is launching its new unique product – OnHub Wi-Fi Router in partnership with TP-Link, a popular router maker company.

 A new OnHub Wi-Fi Router by Google

A new OnHub Wi-Fi Router by Google

Image Via: bgr.com

Have a look at the features of this new Google product.

  • Especially for the Home

With the OnHub router, you need not to worry about placing it on the floor, near windows, for it to work well. The cords and blinking lights in this new router have been replaced with antennas and subtle lights so you can place it in open for its best performance.

  • Faster performance 

OnHub searches the airwaves on set-up and selects the best channel for the fastest connection. With the smart softwares it uses, OnHub automatically avoids interference keeping your network at peak performance. Even you get the freedom to prioritize a device, so that your most important activity gets the best speed.

  • A simple mobile app

With just one app Google On, you can manage your OnHub – set up, bandwidth management, app offers, network check. It even reveals your password with a single tap instead of lost passwords and sticky notes.

  • It’s the best!

You need to worry about managing updates, OnHub automatically updates with new features and security upgrades. It is planned to support smart devices that you bring into your home in future like Bluetooth® Smart Ready, or 802.15.4.

We all just want our Wi-Fi to work well, so that we can do all we love to do online. The OnHub router offers reliability, speed, and security you want, without the frustrations you don’t.