8 Benefits that Make Server Virtualization So Popular

Small-Business-ServerTechnically, server virtualization refers to the virtualization of a business organization’s sever farm. The Information Technology capacity of an organization can thus be scaled quite easily without having to add any new hardware or equipment (on site). In other words, sever efficiency can be increased without having to establish or update a physical server farm.

Listed below are 8 benefits that have made server virtualization very popular with SMEs as well as MNCs:

  1. A consolidated ‘virtualized server’ helps an organization save a great deal on day to day cooling and power costs. Also, there’s no need to invest or incur recurring expenses on buying UPS systems or maintaining network systems and floor space. For SMEs, in particular, these costs can translate into huge deterrents to financial stability (especially during the first few years of business operations).
  2. A virtualized server can be scaled up at any time with great ease. Physical server farms often needed to be over positioned so that they could handle increased user load at any point in time. That said, physical severs lead to overheads at many levels.
  3. With a virtualized server and IT support company, it’s possible to reap the benefits of a highly efficient and agile system – one that can be centrally monitored and re-configured at any point in time with great ease.
  4. Administering servers installed on-site is a pain. SMEs in particular have little or no money to afford separate IT departments. Today, they just need to partner with IT consultancy firms in Singapore to achieve perfect server consolidation. Not to mention the fact that no capital investment is required in the beginning to buy the hardware or network equipment.
  5. Server-InstallationA virtualized server, unlike a physical server farm, can be moved from one location to another in a hassle free manner. The best part is – it’s possible to ensure zero downtime during the process.
  6. Virtualized servers are up and running for up to 99.9 percent. However, it’s important that a credible virtual server solution provider and IT support company is chosen to realize this goal. The world of technology is full of exceptions and the best way to dodge the bullet is to make informed decisions.
  7. Backups can be taken virtually and restored easily. Moreover, these backups are stored at offsite locations (with built-in redundancies) and therefore, you need not worry about physical or virtual breaches.
  8. By far, the best benefit a small, medium or large scale business can derive from server virtualization is centralization of the infrastructure.

Increased downtime, centralized management, low cost and no capital costs – what else could SMEs or even large businesses ask for. At APIXEL, we help SMEs in Singapore to realize these very benefits by consolidating their server infrastructure virtually. You’d be surprised how you can successfully streamline your Information Technology related processes with great ease. Moving to the cloud too becomes easy and hassle-free once server virtualization has been done.