5 Truths about Life Every Singaporean Must Know

Life will never be perfect. You have to overcome obstacles in order to survive. Read these life truths to help your get stronger and achieve your goals.

Life in Singapore is both exciting and peaceful with ideal political and social environment, education, recreation, housing, health and sanitation. It is also one of the richest cities in the world. But on the flip side, the cosmopolitan city is known for its materialistic culture while daily life is here governed by the series of the government rules. An average Singaporean pushes himself to possess car, property, and the membership of country club. Here are the life truths every Singaporean have experienced while making for a meaningful life. Some of them may seem cynical or downright practical, but they are essential for having real outlook towards life.

5-truths-about-life-every-singaporean-must-knowYour Life is Your Own Responsibility:

It simply means you are solely responsible for the type of life you have. You can’t blame anyone for your plight and failures as well. Singaporeans believe that one should be responsible for one’s choices and result to live life in your own way.

Life is All about Give and Take:

In this country, no one owes you living, rather you earn that, whether its career, goals, profession or dreams. If you get freebies or charity, consider yourself blessed.

Gratitude is Essential for Feeling Happy:

Whereas the aforesaid statements point towards practical and money oriented life here, this point seems humane yet true. Happy people are grateful people. Many studies have claimed that happiest people in Singapore have one thing common—to be thankful for every single moment and helpful people, no matter what hardships and challenges they have been through.

Life is Not the Bed of Roses Every Time:

Every day, you go through full of struggle, pain and disappointment to achieve your goals. But Singaporeans face the difficulties with courage, commitment and character, besides gaining experience.

Enjoy Your Life to the Fullest Even with Restrictions All Around:

Singapore is also known as “The Fine City”, thanks to the country’s strict laws regarding cleanliness and the safety of the city. With hefty fine on chewing gums, jaywalking, leaving toilets unflushed and smoking, Singaporean knows well how to manage the life under the restrictions. They enjoy their life while making sure they are following the city’s rule.

So, these are the life truths every Singaporean experience in the nation. Accepting these truths help you take personal responsibility and improve your life.