5 Must-Have Additions to Your New IT Office

Your IT office reflects your both images, as an individual and as a professional. It gives your clients a short description of your work culture. ‘First impression lasts forever’- thus, it becomes more important to organize your office in a convivial and professional way.  Spending a little time and money to get the things done right is highly required. So, if you’re planning to add something to your IT office, don’t miss these five:

  • Monitor Desk Mounts

Monitor Desk Mounts

Gone are the days of those ‘curvy’ monitor desks, which acquire large space in your office. Replace them with the monitor desk mounts. Not only these mounts add comfort to work, but also they keep your screens safe. The employees can adjust the screen level according to their needs. Hence, it gives them a better viewing angle.

  • Projector Mounts

Projector Mounts

While conducting a seminar or having a meeting or whenever you need to give a presentation, you look for a projector. With the help of a projector mounts, you can save a significant amount of  time, which is generally wasted in setting up a projector. The mounts hold the projects appropriately, reducing your efforts greatly.

  • Light Up Waterproof Keyboard

Light Up Waterproof Keyboard

It is extremely flexible, one can easily roll it up and stuff it in their pocket. The glowing electric blue light is another extraordinary feature that allows  you to type silently into the night. Besides, you need not worry for biscuit crumbs, coffee spills, etc. as it a virtually indestructible waterproof gizmo. Just plug it into your computer or laptop and enjoy your work!

  • 24 Port USB Monster Hub 

24 Port USB Monster Hub

This small gadget is of great use!  It consist of 24 ports with an unbelievable transfer speed of 480Mbps. Isn’t it great! Not only this, you can power it directly from your laptop or from an AC outlet.

  • Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Desk

Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Desk

These multi-function desks are ideal while working on a laptop, reading a magazine or file and much more.  With seven tilting angles, 360 degree rotation and easy height adjustments, it proffers utmost comfort. It can be used for both sitting or standing positions, helping you to create a healthier and relaxing work environment.

Adding them to your IT office will surely help you transform your office into an efficient workspace!
Author Bio:

Richard Bach is the E-Commerce Manager of Cotytech, a company which deals with designing and manufacturing of flat screen mounting solutions like TV wall mount, car mounts, etc. He frequently writes on various technology products, sharing his views on the products that brings forth a better life experience.