5 Essential and Easy Tips to Prevent Data Theft!

Data theft is becoming the biggest concern for the businesses today. Are you also surrounded by similar worries? Find out some helpful tips here.

In the competitive world of today, the biggest task for any business would be to protect itself from a databreach. You never know when you are in a fix. Hence, experts advice to remain prepare for every situation in advance. Do you know around 420,000 websites were impacted, including well-known national brands and small companies?

Don’t let the hackers around you cheat on. Below are listed five tips for your data safety:Prevent Data TheftSecured Sensitive Data: Whether it is about your customer, employee or patient, it is important to store paper files and removable storage devices including thumb drives and CDs, which often consist of sensitive information in a cabinet, safe or locked drawer, when not in use. Also, make sure restrict the access to sensitive data and provide your employees access to only the information they really.

Limited Physical Access to your Systems: As stated earlier, you need to create user accounts for each employee. This simply prevents unauthorized use of your business computers. Nowadays, laptops are easy targets. Hence, ensure you keep them locked in place when unattended.

Data Encryption: You can also encrypt data to help protect the security and privacy of your files. So, install encryption for all your mobile devices, laptops, flash drives and backup tapes. Also you must encrypt emails to protect the sensitive information they contain.

Appropriate Dispose of Data: Those documents which consist of sensitive data, prior to recycling, shred them. Carefully remove all stuff from computers and electronic storage devices.

Password Protection is Must: You can protect your business computers with a simple password. So, whether you contain data in laptops and smartphones, give instruction to the employees to have a unique user name and a strong password, which should be changed at least quarterly.