5 Business Technology Predictions for 2016

2016 is on its way. Business and IT decision makers have begun with making various predictions based on the current happenings and future expectations that will shape the New Year.

5 Business Technology Predictions for 2016

While some macro tech trends will continue to be at the top including mobility, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), there are several other trends that would become increasingly crucial as the world adapts to rampant demands of the market, growing competition, and changing landscape.

Set ready for the 5 top most business technology predictions for the upcoming 2016 year.

1.   Hybrid IT

To cope up with the increased outsourcing of IT infrastructure and services, hybrid IT will emerge rapidly as the architecture of choice in order to unite the bridge this bridge between outsourced services and existing infrastructure. This will help the organizations to identify and set up the optimal mix of both – existing infrastructure and outsourced services to gain agility, modernize their IT settings and maintain competitiveness without over committing resources on expenditure.

2.   Big Data in the International Market

Since big data requires a lot of processing power, lot of organizations will make use of cloud-based big-data-as-a-service offerings in order to give full value of their information without the associated capital expenditure.

3.   Security in the Cloud

Since cyber criminals are developing a dizzying array of new and complex attack methods, instead of proactively updating their security software, most of the companies are growingly implementing cloud-based security-as-a-service offerings. With so many IT services being outsourced, cloud-based security will definitely explode.

4.   More of IoT

Since, the world is greatly depended on technology, there’s no doubt in the fact that IoT will continue and rule the world by its already impressive growth. As the IoT market outbursts to an estimated 25 billion connected devices by 2020, the amount of data that organizations will have at their fingertips will be huge. This will aid businesses identify valuable details about their customers, business operations and their market sectors.

5.   Next-Generation data centres

As business demands mature, so will data centres. It is expected to see greater use of modular data centres that effectively couple hyperscale and hyperlocal environments for definitive flexibility, better energy efficiency, greater data centre network speeds and increased number of automated procedures involved in the management of data centres.

So, Get Set Go!!!!