4 Amazing Gadgets to Be Released in 2017 You Can’t Wait to Buy

2016 has been an amazing year for many tech trends and gadgets so far. We have seen the emergence of amazing technology products like Amazon Tap, iPhone 6s, Asus Zenbook UX305, Apple Watch 2 and much more equipped with surprising features this year.

So, it’s obvious to be excited over the gadgets to-be-released in 2017. Many tech brands have geared up to give their best. So, let’s see whether 2017 will turn “a bigger year” for gadget and tech lovers than 2016 or not!

4 Amazing Gadgets to Be Released in 2017 You Can’t Wait to Buy

Let’s have a quick look that what‘s in the bag of year 2017 for all the tech lovers;

iPhone 8:

If sources are to be believed, Apple is all set to release iPhone 8 in 2017. This is to inform you that this year only, i.e., 2016, Apple Launched iPhone 7. It is said that iPhone 8 will be different from its predecessors in terms of looks and features. For that, Apple may skip “S” generation of iPhone 7 to focus on the branding of iPhone 8.

According to the Macworld, iPhone 8 may be equipped with the major upgrades like full glass OLED screen, haptic feedback features, wireless charging with improved camera and processor. Furthermore, Macworld expected iPhone 8 to be launched in the month of September 2017.

Apple MacBook:

You have to wait for few months to get your hand on the new MacBook, which will be launched by Apple.

According to Macworld.co.uk, MacBook Air will be the slimmest model ever in Apple’s notebook lineup. Plus, it will be equipped with retina display, 12.9 inch screen, more RAM and a powerful processor as well.

Samsung Galaxy 8:

Samsung Galaxy 8 is said to be packed with some of the best features in the Galaxy lineup till date. While Samsung Galaxy S7 design lacks in innovation, S8 may come with an improved design— maybe with flexible display.

Rumors revealed that Samsung S8 will have 5.5-inch 4K UHD screen display with a pixel density of 806 ppi, to make sure that the user should have a great viewing experience.

S8 is expected to be packed with Exynos 8895 Processor and 6GB RAM. Although, it’s not sure whether the rumors would prove true or not, but this is for sure that Samsung Galaxy 8 will enhance the user’s experience.

Tag HeuerSmartwatch:

Tag Heuer already has its Android smartwatch brand called ‘Connected’ available in markets. The luxury Swiss watchmaker is looking forward to win over the main market with its next smartwatch release.

Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer, has already given a hint that 2017 version of Tag Heuer Smartwatch will going to be a “real collection.” Tag Heuer may launch its new line of smartwatches with ultra-intelligent features.


So, these are a few “much awaited” products that you will going to have in 2017. Till then, you can enjoy your existing gadgets to the fullest.

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