2017 Will Witness The 3D Digital Mode Of Singapore

The project to create a 3D digital model of the city of Singapore is underway as we speak. The project was announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong last week. This project is part of Singapore’s initiative to become a smart nation.

3D Digital Mode Of Singapore

Let’s read some more about it in detail.

1. A Multi Millionaire Project

This project will cost $73million or a staggering US$58milliom and has been assigned to the SLA or the Singapore Land Authority in coordination with National Search Foundation.

2. Virtual Singapore

This project has been called Virtual Singapore and is being primarily dealt by Infocomm Development Authority. The 3D digital model will include roads, basic infrastructure and other essential buildings.

3. Motive Of The Missio

The motive of this project is to solve the land scarcity problem of the citizens of Singapore. All government agencies have been asked to pool in data for this purpose. One primary source of data for this purpose will be procured from SLA’s ‘One Map’ initiative, which has been collecting real data about the demographics of the city, the climate and information related to vehicles.

4. Data From Laser Scanners And Planes

Data collected from planes that fly low and other laser-based scanners will also be collaborated by SLA for this purpose. This data will help agencies to analyze the flow of transport better, and also let them do a detailed analysis of the movement of pedestrians. The gaps in mobile networks will also be identified and rectified in the process.