2016 Predictions for Overall Security of IT and Cyber World

2015 proved to be another busy year for cyber crime with various high profile attacks across businesses in almost every sector. What about the year 2016?

Security of IT and Cyber World
Have a look at both, the darker and brighter side predictions for this year.

  • Networks will become progressively smarter

This year, spectators will be increasingly amazed about the immense progress of smart networks. IT Pundits believe that computing and storage capabilities will fade into a single computation function to sit next to the data it is working on. This change is expected to be a primary driver for hyper-converged computing to become the standard way of doing things. This hybrid data need will be important due to data sovereignty needs in areas where high density of countries reside.

  • Rio 2016 becomes the next Black Hat – don’t turn on your phones

It’s an old rule at security conferences like Black Hat and DefCon to keep your phone switched off in your room. This year, security conference habits will become conventional at massive societal events where hackers can procure prime information directly from your smartphones. Avoiding public Wi-Fi and shutting down Bluetooth will become common. Similar attitude will also apply to laptops.

  • Commercialization of open-source networking projects to take flight in 2016

With the rise in heavy demand of flexibility and efficiency of open source networking projects, commercial versions of the projects will greatly develop. These developments will aid the open networking movement’s momentum with standards changing and platforms opening up to end vendor lock-in. Moreover, open networking tools will increase as data centers them adapt to the varying times.

  • Service providers feel more pressure from Web 2.0 companies

This year, creative business models and new services could feel pressurized to think more creatively and innovatively via either proprietary network infrastructure or in the form of OTT riding atop the SP network. Companies like AT&T and Verizon will require using virtualized technology combined with their network infrastructure for gaining benefits changing consumer perception about how they innovate to delivery business outcomes.