10 most significant technology trends to look forward to in 2015

To make your lives more convenient in 2015, here are few upcoming trends that are intended to show up in a big way.

Technology trends in 2015

Social payments:

Next year, more mobile payments are likely to occur using popular social apps, for instance Line app is about to launch Line Pay to transfer money directly to the service providers.

Wearable and fitness Tech:

Famous startups including Fitbit, Microsoft and Apple are all geared up to unveil their hi-tech activity trackers as well as wearable gadgets in 2015.   `

Intelligent home devices:

More smart home gadgets from locks to coffee makers are going to steal the show in 2015.

Apps for on-demand services:

Upcoming mobile apps to provide you basic services like hotel reservations, beauty treatments and food deliveries.


In the coming year, we may see several applications making use of Beacon Bluetooth location sensing apps for customer surveys and employment opportunities.

Car Tech:

Self-driving vehicles with smartphone interface will probably be more prevalent.

Extremely High-Definition TVs:

Renowned startup LG is set to unveil a new line of 4K TVs with quantum dot technology to display even brighter colors, like never before.


Popular brands Motorola and Apple will be the biggest drivers behind wearable band shipments.

Cheaper 3D printing:

2015 is expected to be the year of 3D-printed projects at cheaper rates.

Google’s connected homes and cars:

Google is probable to enter into more advance connected homes and car gadgets, using its Android Auto platform.